Answers to frequently asked questions.

Are RMRK legos compatible with ERC-721?

Yes, we ensured that all our legos and extensions are backward compatible with ERC-721 and the existing tooling to build and interact with ERC-721-compatible smart contracts.

Does using RMRK smart contracts require xcRMRK?

The xcRMRK token is not necessary to use RMRK NFT 2.0 contracts in any way - the protocols and standards are open-source and free to use. However, adding utility to xcRMRK by integrating it meaningfully into your hackathon project might improve your score.

Where can we find a list of all the ERCs/EIPs that RMRK has published?

The list can be found in the RMRK legos and RMRK extensions sections, but also here:

What networks can be used to deploy the RMRK-powered smart contracts?

You can deploy the Solidity implementation of RMRK legos and the extensions to any EVM-compatible network. However, if you intend to utilize Singular, the next-generation marketplace already supporting RMRK primitives, we suggest you consider the currently supported networks.