Welcome to RMRK EVM!
Welcome to the RMRK EVM developer documentation. Here you can find all of the information needed in order to utilise RMRK's next-generation NFT legos.
This documentation is separated into three distinct sections:
  • General overview of RMRK legos and primitives
  • Examples of RMRK legos uses
  • Documentation of @rmrk-team/evm-contracts package

General overview

The General overview section contains information about RMRK legos and primitives. It also holds information about how they work and how to utilise them.

RMRK legos examples

The RMRK legos examples section contains examples and instructions on how to use the RMRK legos to build your own next-generation NFT solution.

RMRK legos demos

The RMRK legos demos section contains contextualized user journeys illustrating operation of RMRK legos.

EVM contracts documentation

The EVM contracts documentation contains the documentation of @rmrk-team/evm-contracts package. This includes explanations of function used in the smart contracts provided by the package and their operation.