ERC-20 Holder Extension (ERC-7590)

ERC-20 Holder

This proposal suggests an extension to ERC-721 to enable easy exchange of ERC-20 tokens. By enhancing ERC-721, it allows unique tokens to manage and trade ERC-20 fungible tokens bundled in a single NFT. This is achieved by including methods to pull ERC-20 tokens into the NFT contract to a specific NFT, and transferring them out by the owner of such NFT. A transfer out nonce is included to prevent front-running issues.

In our EVM package, we provide an abstract implementation ready to plugin into any custom implementation from your own, or any of our ready to use implementations. We also provide the interface which defines the standard.

ERC-7590: ERC-20 Holder Extension for NFTs

We published an Ethereum Improvement Proposal detailing the specification of the ERC-20 Holder Extension. If you are interested, you can access it here (opens in a new tab). It is still on draft so it might suffer. We welcome your feedback on the magicians forum (opens in a new tab).