After Mintaur (opens in a new tab) and Singular (opens in a new tab), Remix (opens in a new tab) is the easiest way to deploy RMRK contracts. Once you have customized your contract from the wizard follow this simple steps:

Open on Remix

Click on Open on Remix on the Smart Contract tab.


Compile the Contract and go to the Deploy section.

Select your account

Select your account using Injected Provider or the corresponding one for your wallet.

Fill parameters


Make sure you are on the right network.

Expand the deploy parameters and fill them.


Click on transact. This will deploy your contract and give you its address.


You can interact with your contract in the same section.


If you want to trade your collection on Singular (opens in a new tab), you must add it just after you deploy your contract. That is, before you add any asset or mint any token. This is a temporary restriction. Please contact us to add your collection after you deploy it.


Remember to give credit to RMRK if you're using it's technology. Check the license and notice for more details.